For one of the world leading killer; heart disease, non-invasive coronary CT angiography's (CTA) ability to directly visualize the coronary arteries represents a huge medical advance capable of saving countless lives, 64 CT is used in:

  • Non-Invasive Coronary CT Angiography assessment for coronary stenosis and diseases
  • Post coronary stent assessment and follow up
  • Post CABG assessment and bypass graft vessels follow up including saphenous venous grafts, LIMA, RIMA and RAG grafts
  • Preoperative assessment of Cardiac Valves and Coronaries
  • Triple rule Out (pulm.embolism, dissection & aortic aneurysmal diseases)
  • Evaluation of post revascularization of coronary vessels
  • 3D, MPR and MIP assessment of all Coronary vessels
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